Stephen Colbert Calls Kellyanne Conway “Satan’s Trophy Wife”

Stephen Colbert Calls Kellyanne Conway Satans Trophy Wife

Left-wing comedian and all-around weasel Stephen Colbert put his stunning hypocrisy on full display this week by referring to White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway in a way that would have triggered massive backlash had he been a conservative speaking about a liberal woman.

“Last night, senior White House adviser and Satan’s trophy wife Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News and used a little visual aid to drive home her point,” Colbert said on “The Late Show” Thursday as he began another one of his half-baked sketches.

Neither progressives on social media nor liberal pundits in the mainstream media have said anything about this disparaging remark, despite the clearly sexist and misogynist nature.

Conservatives, on the other hand, have let loose, holding little back. “Hate peddler” was one of the kinder descriptions:

And “officially losing his mind” was one verdict.

Most conservative might agree about the question of Colbert’s sanity. But was it genuinely sexist and misogynist for Colbert to make this joke? As someone partial to free speech, I would typically argue no. Yet given the standards this hack comedian uses to judge others, perhaps I should say yes.

On Thursday he slammed President Donald Trump for having complimented French first lady Brigitte Macron on her “good shape” earlier that day, claiming this amounted to objectification.

“Bad Donald!” he exclaimed that evening, according to Grabien. “No! Bad! This is not one of your European wife shopping trips. This is business. He’s got to learn. The man has got to learn his limits.”

What about your limits, Stephen, or are you a special unicorn for whom the rules don’t apply? Seriously, how can it be OK for you to call Conway a “trophy wife” but not OK for the president to merely compliment the French first lady for her fitness?

Look, if liberals want to maintain absurd standards regarding acceptable and unacceptable speech, then perhaps they themselves should abide by those very same standards.

I personally am not bothered by Colbert’s joke, but neither was I bothered when the president tweeted about MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski’s face “bleeding badly from a face-lift,” or when he complimented the French first lady.

See, I’m not a victimized little snowflake like either Colbert or his brainwashed followers. But for those poor souls who have chosen the path of the snowflake, it’d be nice — really nice, in fact — if they could at least try to maintain some degree of consistency, you know?

This Twitter user probably best summed up the difference between the sniveling jokester of late night liberals and the classy White House counselor:

A liberal like Colbert probably doesn’t understand there’s a difference between those two things.

Donald Trump, who left the life of a billionaire to take up the burden of the presidency, does. And Kellyanne Conway does, too.

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