Star NFL Player Admits to Running $10k Per Month Drug Business During College

Star NFL Player Admits to Running 10k Per Month Drug Business During College

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon’s NFL career has been a bumpy road, due mainly to his use of drugs.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Gordon admitted to his struggle with drug abuse, which included running a drug ring while he was attending Baylor University.

Gordon, 26, told Ben Baskin that while he was a sophomore at Baylor, he regularly received as much as six pounds of marijuana from a dealer in his hometown, which he would in turn sell in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. He estimated that he would sometimes make $10,000 a month in profit.

But it was a risky lifestyle. In 2010, Gordon was arrested for possession and, a year later, he was indefinitely suspended for failing a school drug test.

Despite that suspension, Gordon made it to the NFL. However, his drug use did not stop. The league suspended him several times for violating their substance abuse policy, and in 2014 suspended the player indefinitely after his fourth violation.

But Gordon just got a second chance. The wide receiver is slated to return to the field this weekend when his team plays the Los Angeles Chargers.

With such a checkered past, one might not have much hope for the player.

But one thing has changed for Gordon, and that is his mindset.

After staying at rehabilitation facility, in Gainesville, Florida, the football player said he sees things differently now.

While he did not go into the details of his rehab, he did say he was “mentally at peace.”

“This is the first time ever that I can truthfully say that,” he said.

He also explained an epiphany he had that helped him see things from a different perspective.

“If I was willing to go to any length to (get a fix),” he told Baskin, “then at what point am I going to go to any length to get something positive for me?”

It sounds like Gordon is willing to give his football career another chance.

And you can’t fault him for that.

You can find out more abut Gordon’s story in an interview he did with the documentary series Uninterrupted.

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