Special Needs Student Has Priceless Reaction When NFL Player Shows Up at Door Before Prom

Special Needs Student Has Priceless Reaction When NFL Player Shows Up at Door Before Prom

For a group of students in Moulton, Alabama, prom could not have been better. Especially for a young woman with special needs, Lindsey Preston, who got to attend prom alongside a handsome, strong NFL player.

Lindsey, an 11th-grade student at Lawrence County High School, was eagerly anticipating the 2018 Special Needs Prom on April 14.

She wore a fancy black dress, donned her makeup, and prepared for an evening of dancing and fun with an NFL player her family has known for a long time.

Just as promised, Lindsey’s date showed up, wearing a tux and a huge grin. Don Jones II, NFL player for the San Francisco 49ers, said he was happy to escort the fun-loving Lindsey to prom.

“Lindsey always stayed in contact with me and the family,” Jones told local TV station WBRC. “Her mother asked me to go to prom with her last year so I told her I would be more than glad to.”

When the students realized who Jones was, they clamored for his attention, which he generously doled out. Jones was a humble superstar, teaching eager students some dance moves and posing for photos.

“Anything I can do to make some kids smile, I would be more than willing to do,” Jones expressed. “I think the most fun was all of the guys, I showed the guys about 5 or 6 new dance moves.”

This is what it’s all about. Making somebody else day. She couldn’t have got a better date if she wanted to have a good time. I knew u was gone turn em up. Mad love homie

Posted by Kelsey Madden on Saturday, April 14, 2018

“Everybody wanted to take pictures with him,” said Lindsey’s mom, Kristi Martin. “He danced with all the kids and made them all feel special.”

After a season-ending injury in 2017, Jones has spent the year in rehab in Birmingham, aiming for a 2018 comeback.

“I had knee surgery in September so I have been going to therapy at St. Vincents every day,” said Jones, who tore his ACL during last year’s preseason.

“My knee is coming along real good,” Jones said, evidenced by a night of nonstop dancing. “I think I have another month or two but I think I will be back to fully recovered soon.”

Jones is thankful to have been a part of Lindsey’s big night out. While many have reached out to thank Jones for his generosity, Jones said he’s the one who felt blessed by participating in such a special event.

“It is definitely a blessing,” Jones expressed. “God is good. All praise goes out to God.”

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