South Korea Unveils New Weapons That Would Wreak Havoc for KJU

South Korea Unveils New Weapons That Would Wreak Havoc for KJU

Time may be running out for Kim Jong Un and his North Korean regime.

As President Donald Trump increases his tough stance against the rogue nation, American allies in South Korea have been quietly perfecting incredible weapons to use against the dictator to the north.

According to the Telegraph UK, the science fiction-sounding weaponry are called “blackout bombs,” or more specifically, graphite bombs.

Unlike traditional munitions that are designed to be as destructive as possible, blackout bombs are actually intended to be safe against civilians… but they can paralyze a country’s electrical grid and help bring North Korea’s war fighting ability to a grinding halt.

“Blackout bombs were first used by the United States in Iraq in the 1990 Gulf War and work by releasing a cloud of extremely fine, chemically treated carbon filaments over electrical components,” explained the Telegraph.

“The filaments are so fine that they act like a cloud, but cause short circuits in electrical equipment,” the newspaper continued.

That strategy to protect civilian lives while taking out the grid is most likely based on the realization that after a war, the people of North Korea will need to be integrated into modern Korean society. In other words, the Kim regime is the enemy, but a family living fearfully under his wrath is not.

South Korea’s Agency for Defence Development, a sort of equivalent to America’s DARPA, is confident that the graphite bombs are ready to go.

“All technologies for the development of a graphite bomb led by the ADD have been secured”, a military spokesperson said. “It is at the stage where we can build the bombs at any time.”

While they seem rather futuristic, “blackout bombs” are a proven technology that have been used effectively in the past.

“Graphite bombs worked well against targets in Iraq, knocking out around 85 percent of the electrical supply across the country,” the Telegraph explained. “NATO used similar weapons against targets in Serbia in May 1999, damaging around 70 percent of the country’s electrical supply.”

North Korea’s obsolete and outdated electrical grid is expected to be a prime target for the graphite, because components are not properly shielded against contamination.

All signs are pointing to North Korea quickly running out of options. If Kim Jong Un wants any kind of future for his people, ending his nuclear ambitions is the only sane move left.

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