Somali Pirates Get Mowed Down After Trying to Come Up on the Wrong Boat

Somali Pirates Get Mowed Down After Trying to Come Up on the Wrong Boat

Somali pirates attempting to sneak up on a boat in hopes of looting it got a painful surprise instead.

A video of the incident, which occurred in 2011, according to Bloomberg, revealed what happens when pirates in a flat-bottomed boat come up against a sufficiently armed security team — and it isn’t pretty for the pirates.

The helmet-camera video was reportedly recorded by a member of the security firm Trident Group Inc., who was on board the merchant vessel Avocet in the Indian Ocean, a bulk carrier owned by Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.

In the video, which can be viewed here, the small boat can be seen quickly approaching the the cargo ship. The security team on board fires warning shots as the boat continues to approach the ship.

Several rounds of gunfire rain down on the small vessel. After a few seconds, it became apparent that the driver of the intruding vessel was either injured or killed as it crashes into the side of the ship.

In the distance, other boats can be seen approaching the ship, and the security team wastes no time attempting to keep them at bay.

President of Trident Group Inc., Thomas Rothrauff, told Bloomberg that while it was not clear from the video, the pirates on the small boat were returning fire from AK-47s.

He added that some of that return fire barely missed the head of one of the guards, Bloomberg reported.

Rothrauff also said that it was likely that some or all of the occupants on board the small boats were injured or killed, but he had no way to be certain.

The video has seen a surge in popularity after the Department of Defense in April warned commercial ships traveling off the coast of East Africa about an uptick in attacks by Somali pirates after five years of relatively calm seas.

Hopefully, encounters like this will encourage modern-day pirates to seek another occupation.

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