Sideline Cameras Show NFL Might Be in Even Bigger Trouble Than Anyone Thought

Sideline Cameras Show NFL Might Be in Even Bigger Trouble Than Anyone Thought

This year’s football season hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. The ratings for several NFL games have fallen below expectations, and game attendance is far from ideal.

On Sunday, things got so boring during the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears that some cameras at the game caught an interesting sight.

Two Eagles players were on the sidelines playing tic-tac-toe during the game!

It is unclear if the players were doing this because they were bored out of their minds with the game, but the circumstances make that a good guess.

Sunday’s game between Philadelphia and Chicago was an absolute slaughter. The Eagles crushed the Bears 31-3 in a blowout that was even worse for the Bears than the score showed. (The Chicago team ended up with a total of 6 yards in rushing for the entire game.)

Given that score, it is easy to see why some players may have decided to do something else. When you’re up over 20 points on your opponent, the game becomes a lot less interesting.

Besides, the Bears aren’t exactly known for staging fourth quarter comebacks.

You can see the footage here:

Many of the comments under the video found this clip absolutely hilarious, and joked about absolute destruction being wrought on the Bears.

“Plot twist … Weren’t playing tic tac toe, that’s just how simple the game plan is to beat the bears,” wrote one person who claimed to be a Bears fan.

“That’s cute. The Browns have been playing tic tac toe and hopscotch on and off the field for the last 2 seasons,” wrote another person.

Several of the comments quickly devolved into fights between supporters of various teams, debating who was better and who would ultimately make it to the Super Bowl.

There have been quite a few blowout games this year, which might be contributing to the NFL ratings falling. No one likes to watch blowouts.

But when even the players on the field are bored, the NFL might be in even more trouble than people think.

Unfortunately, the camera cut away before we could see which player won their game. It had to be closer than the matchup on the field.

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