Sick: Rapper Grabs Noose and a White Kid… Libs Cheering

Sick Rapper Grabs Noose and a White Kid Libs Cheering

A rapper slated to go on trial next month for beating a pregnant woman published a disturbing “music” video to YouTube this week that depicts a 6-year-old white boy being lynched — and shockingly, nearly half a million presumed liberals have expressed support for it.

Dubbed “Look at Me,” the video by rapper XXXTentacion “is centered around police brutality against black citizens, white supremacy and slavery,” according to TMZ. And while it features a scene of XXXTentacion himself hanging from a noose, it also shows something far worse.

“(A)t one point the music cuts altogether and the scene with 2 young boys begins,” TMZ reported. “One kid is white and the other black … and XXX slips the noose around the white child’s neck.”

As of Thursday afternoon, a stunning 463,000 viewers — all of them presumably liberal swine, since no reasonable conservative would ever approve of such patently racist drivel — had “liked” XXXTentacion’s video. (There were 60,000 “dislikes.”)

In an interview published Thursday by Fox News, the video’s casting director, LaShawnna Stanley, explained the purpose behind the lynching scene, claiming that XXXTentacion wanted to portray how desensitized society has purportedly become to seeing black men hanged and killed by contrasting it with the shock of a white child being lynched.

An edited version of the video is below for those who wish to get an idea of what liberals consider “art” today. (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT):

Sick: Rapper Grabs Noose and a White Kid… Libs Cheering

That might make a distorted kind sense if black men actually were being lynched and murdered over their race. But that isn’t actually happening, unless you count the justified shootings of black criminals by law enforcement officers as the same thing.

Thankfully, not everybody on the left agrees with the rapper’s antics.

“This isn’t some grandiose statement about slavery, white supremacy and police brutality, which he attempts to illustrate in the visual,” opined Kyle Eustice for HipHopDX, a rap magazine certainly not known for its conservative leanings. “This is more attention-seeking behavior from a person who revels in negativity.”

Agreed. Even more disturbing than XXXTentacion’s attention-seeking shenanigans, however, is the fact that nearly half a million people had “liked” his video as of Thursday.

And this despite the fact that last summer, XXXtentacion allegedly attacked his pregnant girlfriend, choked her and held her down against her will.

Apparently, anything goes in the world of rap crap. Who knew?

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