Ship Cruises Through 100-Foot Wave

Ship Cruises Through 100-Foot Wave

Hollywood disaster and horror films use some of the best special effects out there. While many of the things that appear on the big screen could never happen in real life, nature occasionally imitates film and shows what it is truly capable of.

A video from 2016 of a ship in the North Sea holds one of those moments. In the video, the ship sailed through massive waves, including a “100 foot wave” that crashed right onto the deck.

The ship survived the entire ordeal, but the footage of the incident looks like something straight out of a Hollywood horror (or disaster) film. The sheer size of the waves that the ship went through is enough to make you never want to go traveling the ocean.

It is unclear how exactly the measurement of “100 feet” was created. The title of the video is “100 foot wave hits ship,” but there is no way to actually verify the wave was 100 feet high.

However, from watching the video that doesn’t really matter. That wave was huge!

The man who was recording the entire thing (from the safety of a cabin) seemed to be enjoying himself, despite the obvious danger During the video, he could be heard laughing with another person who is off camera.

“That’s f****** awesome!” he said at one point during the video, as a wave is crashing on the deck of the ship.

You can watch the video here. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE

Several of the comments under the video are from people wondering how the ship survived that, and marveling that the person on camera is simply laughing at the entire situation and not freaking out.

“That laugh was the scariest part,” said the top comment under the video, which has over 5 million views.

The passengers and crew on board that ship are lucky to be alive right now. Had the vessel been smaller, it undoubtedly would have been destroyed by this wave, and the bodies of the people on board may never have been found.

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