Sheriff Joe Facing Witch Hunt for Enforcing the Law

Sheriff Joe Facing Witch Hunt for Enforcing the Law

On Monday former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio appeared in a Phoenix court for what is expected to be an 8-day criminal trial centered on his decision years ago to disobey an injunction that literally barred him from enforcing the law.

“Federal prosecutors argued that Mr. Arpaio willfully disobeyed a 2011 injunction barring him from enforcing federal immigration laws by detaining 170 suspected illegal aliens from December 2011 to May 2013,” the Washington Times reported.

“After U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement refused to accept the suspects in 2012, the sheriff’s office tried a workaround by taking them to Border Patrol.”

“He thought he could get away with it,” prosecutor Victor Salgado reportedly argued in his opening remarks Monday. “He never thought this day would come.”

And why on Earth would he have thought otherwise? Perhaps Salgado would like to explain to the American people when exactly it became a crime for an elected law enforcement official to perform the duties mandated of his job.

America’s toughest sheriff specifically faces a misdemeanor contempt-of-court chart for disobeying the injunction and would be looking at six months in jail if convicted, according to local station KNXV.

Interestingly, instead of choosing to vindicate Arpaio by demonstrating the utter insanity of the injunction that had been filed against his department, the sheriff’s attorneys have opted to make the case that the order was simply unclear.

The sheriff’s department “may not stop any person based on reasonable suspicion or probable cause, without more, that the person is unlawfully present within the United States,” the injunction read, according to The Arizona Republic.

“The fact is, there’s nothing wrong with taking people to Border Patrol, that’s the law,” defense attorney Dennis Wilenchik maintained in court Tuesday. “The judge never addressed that issue. Never addressed that at all. And the law, where he said ‘without more,’ is very clear that you can take people, contact them, and take them to Border Patrol.”

Confused by the legalese? You’re not alone.

The bottom line is that this whole trial is a sham, and if anyone deserves to be prosecuted, it’s former President Barack Obama, who in his ignorance made it a crime for sheriffs like Arpaio to enforce the law. That’s the real crime, if you ask me.

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