Sen. Orrin Hatch Responds to PETA’s Question About Bacon

Sen Orrin Hatch Responds to PETAs Question About Bacon

Liberals are known for a great many things — whining, crying, demanding safe spaces and rioting whenever something doesn’t go exactly as they want it to.

Many liberals are also known for being vegan, and for thinking that everyone else should follow their strange eating habits because anyone who enjoys meat is clearly just a soulless individual.

The organization “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” recently posted a tweet on its Twitter account asking users for their “best argument for eating bacon.”

Whoever was behind the tweet clearly underestimated the internet. There were number of epic replies to the tweet, but one of the best was from Utah Sen. Orin Hatch’s Twitter account.

Hatch’s account replied to PETA’s tweet with an American flag emoji, and then followed it up with several pictures of Hatch eating bacon and shopping around for bacon.

Hatch’s message was simple, but powerful: This is America and we can eat whatever the heck we want. We don’t need a bunch of bleeding-heart liberals trying to dictate what we eat just because they can’t stop crying whenever they see a picture of a pig.

The tweets came from Hatch’s staff, per the description of his Twitter page, but we’re sure that he had to sign off on them before they were sent out.

And then there was …

Other epic replies to PETA’s page included users posting GIFs of people eating bacon, pictures of bacon, links to people talking about bacon, and a few GIFs of Ron Swanson (a character on the hit TV show “Parks and Recreation”) showing where he hid bacon around the office.

While there is absolutely no question that animal cruelty is horrible, PETA really is eroding any respect it had by demanding Americans stop eating meat just because PETA fanatics don’t like it.

If we were meant to eat grass and trees, we would have been born as rabbits. We weren’t. We were born as free Americans who can eat whatever we want without the government trying to stop us.

I think I’ll go have a bacon burger right now just to celebrate that freedom.

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