Search Goes Viral for Soldier with ‘Junk Car’ in Photo. Then God Tells Her Husband Where to Find Him

Search Goes Viral for Soldier with Junk Car in Photo Then God Tells Her Husband Where to Find Him

Sometimes when we see someone who might not be going through the best circumstances, we just feel drawn to help them. That’s exactly what happened to one Missouri couple.

Annette and Ryan Vaughn often thought about how unreliable their old car was. It was embarrassing to drive around, and things had started to break down.

That’s what was on Annette’s mind as she pulled into a gas station one day. What she saw made her regret every complaint she made about her car.

There, working under the hood of a car in much worse condition that the Vaughn’s, was a soldier. Annette desperately wished that she had the money to buy that soldier a new car.

Even though she couldn’t help with that grand gesture, Annette felt led to help somehow. She took a picture of the man working on his car and posted it online, hoping that someone could help locate him.

“Would anybody be willing to go in with me and see if we can get a couple of people together to see if we can maybe raise some money to help this guy with car repairs or buy gas cards or something,” she wrote along with the picture. The response was overwhelming.

Her Facebook friends showed interest in donating to the cause, and the ball started rolling from there. Over $6,000 was quickly raised, but the Vaughns were about to run into a problem.

They still didn’t know the identity of the soldier. After a trip to the original gas station and a spotting of the soldier’s car, they were finally on the right track.

Knowing that the car had once pulled into an apartment complex, they figured he had some sort of connection there. “Ryan said that he had this indescribable urging from God to drive to that apartment complex lot himself and just check it out,” said Annette. It turns out that God led Ryan right to the soldier.

Eythan Watts is in the National Guard and attends community college at night. He was shocked to hear what these strangers had done for him.

Watts was taken aback at first, unsure of what to think about all the attention. He quickly warmed up to what had happened and could not be more thankful for what the Vaugh family did for him. “I really could use it and someday I want to be able to pay it forward to a soldier or someone in need,” said Watts.

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