Scout Leader Makes Mattis Patch for Kids, Libs Will Be Ticked

Scout Leader Makes Mattis Patch for Kids Libs Will Be Ticked

Liberals have been trying to water down masculinity and rugged independence for decades… so it’s no wonder that warriors like Secretary of Defense James Mattis aren’t exactly their favorite people.

When a cub scout group in Elkton, Maryland needed a role model, however, they decided on “Mad Dog” himself — and the head of America’s military made an incredibly thoughtful gesture that the young scouts will likely never forget.

Every year, Cub Scout Pack 120 runs a push-car race, which challenges scouts from all over the district to push themselves physically and mentally.

Participants of the race are able to earn a uniform patch, and each annual race has a different patch design. According to the Independent Journal Review, this years patch was based on a famous saying from Sec. Mattis.

“I pick a quote to put in the patch each year. Usually racing related or inspirational. But after [Mattis] said that in the interview I was so impressed by it. It is my last year doing this, so I chose his words,” cubmaster David Greenplate explained.

The Mattis quote featured on the patch was bold and confident: “I keep other people awake at night!”

“I just think it’s a badass American thing to say, and we have been lacking such bravado for a while now,” the scout leader elaborated.

Cub Scout Pack 120 liked the patch so much that they sent one directly to Secretary Mattis at the Pentagon. Amazingly, the Secretary of Defense sent a handwritten note back to the scouts, and also included a hand-signed autograph for the entire club.

“Dear David, Thanks for the patch. My best to you and your lads. Sincerely, Jim Mattis,” read the note.

Isn’t there something about “Mad Dog” Mattis calling cub scouts “your lads” that just makes you want to yell “tally-ho,” execute a flanking maneuver and storm a bastion?

To the scouts themselves, Mattis wrote: “Stay true, stay strong! Best wishes, Jim Mattis.”

It’s incredibly refreshing to have real leaders who aren’t afraid to show confidence in the American spirit.

Mattis’ take-no-prisoners attitude to life is no doubt exactly what keeps coddled liberals “awake at night”… and his brand of leadership is exactly what the country and its young men have been missing.

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