Scott Walker Thinks Trump Should Tweet More

Scott Walker Thinks Trump Should Tweet More

It’s rather interesting that the most rigorously examined part of Donald Trump’s presidency in the media isn’t his foreign policy or his health care proposals, but his Twitter account.

However, for one of his former presidential rivals — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — that’s perfectly fine. In an interview on Fox News, the governor said he had some advice to the president regarding social media and tweeting.

His recommendation was simple, and yet shocking: use it more, so long as he’s focused.

“Unlike others, I’d tell him to tweet more, to be on Facebook more, to get the message out more, but to be focused,”  Walker said.

“I think it’s great that he has contact with all of these great Americans out there, and he is unfiltered from any of the media sources out there,” Walker continued.

“But focus,” Walker continued. “Focus on why this healthcare — Obamacare has to be replaced. Focus on what the better alternatives (are), focus on the need for tax reform to get Americans working, focus on why your administration’s doing good things.

Talk about those things — tweet more, I’m fine with that!” he continued. “But don’t get off on the weeds — just focus on the things that the people that elected you said (they) wanted to have done.”

It’s worth pointing out that Walker made his comments last week during the “Morning Joe” controversy, before the president’s tweet that showed him “beating up” CNN in a video clip taken from a WWE match that he had taken part in.

However, I doubt that would have changed much. The one good thing about President Trump’s tweeting — when it doesn’t get bogged down in needless controversy — is that it allows him to bypass the media filter.

That’s a good thing for the administration and a very bad thing for those who insist on acting as an intermediary between public officials and the American people.

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