School Votes To Drop “Rebels” Mascot Nickname Because It Make Kids Feel “Unsafe”

School Votes To Drop Rebels Mascot Nickname Because It Make Kids Feel Unsafe

Political correctness has been out of control for years, and it seems like it has become even worse since President Donald Trump won last November’s presidential election.

According to The Associated Press (via WFLD), a unanimous vote by the school board in South Burlington, Vermont, resulted in the school dropping the nickname “Rebels” from its sports teams.

Those backing the decision claimed that the term “Rebels” harkened back to the Confederacy and legal slavery of African-Americans and therefore caused some students to feel unsafe.

However, not everyone agreed with the school board. Many students, parents and even alumni argued that the name change wasn’t needed.

“The rebel name to me means pride,” said Stacey Savage, who graduated from the school. “It had nothing to do with the Confederacy.”

Those against the decision said that dropping the nickname should have been the result of a public vote. The school board disagreed, claiming they voted in accordance with the best interest of the student body.

A group of concerned citizens, of which Savage was a part, was said to be considering legal action regarding the name change, the AP reported.

While the debate over the name change continues, a poll was scheduled for Tuesday in which nearly 1,000 students were to decide a new mascot, Fox News reported. The final result was scheduled to be announced on June 7.

The fact that a school mascot could cause students to feel threatened is a perfect example of how political correctness has become rampant and could very well be the downfall of the country.

If students can not handle a nickname because it makes them feel unsafe, how will they handle real issues when they become adults and join the workforce?

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