Scaramucci Sparks Feminist Outrage After Saying 1 Thing to Sarah Huckabee

Scaramucci Sparks Feminist Outrage After Saying 1 Thing to Sarah Huckabee

Only in the wacky world of liberal feminism is a compliment somehow a bad thing, but that’s how feminists have portrayed a recent comment made by White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Scaramucci was praising Sanders as an “incredibly authentic” and “incredibly warm person,” during a recent appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, saying that he planned to help “make her better at that podium.”

However, the newly minted communications director, who had joined Sanders in front of the cameras at Friday’s news briefing, had one request for the press secretary: “The only thing I ask, Sarah—Sarah, if you’re watching, I loved the hair and makeup person we had on Friday, so I’d like to continue to use the hair and makeup person.”

After some backlash from liberals and feminists, Scaramucci clarified — as if he needed to — that he was actually referring to his own hair and makeup when he made the comment, joking that he needed a lot of help in the beauty department.

That’s an answer Americans can understand — and one that makes the critics look like fools.

Sanders even told The New York Post in an email that she believed Scaramucci was praising “the makeup artist because he thought she did a good job.”

“People are trying to blow it out of proportion and make it into something it isn’t,” she said.

Feminists, of course, wasted no time blasting Scaramucci’s message as some sort of underhanded comment about women needing makeup and hair stylists in order to be taken seriously.

Calling him “The Mooch,” Jezebel writer, Lauren Evans, claimed that Scaramucci’s words were proof that President Donald Trump values women only if they are physically attractive.

“It’s long been apparent that in Trump’s world (of which Moochy is firmly a part), women are only as good as their appearance,” Evans wrote.

However, Evans may want to check her own appearance-based biases, as she later referred to the communications director as “a bulldog that underwent an ill-advised facelift” and a “cheaply embalmed corpse.”

What does that have to do with his position or capabilities? Absolutely nothing. But, because she’s using appearance to attack a member of Trump’s circle, it’s quite all right.

And let’s not forget some of the same people who are upset about Scaramucci complimenting the hair and makeup artist he and Sanders recently used are the same ones who were appalled when Vice President Mike Pence said that he preferred not to have one-on-one dinners with female colleagues out of respect for his wife.

Because, apparently, appreciating a professional appearance and respecting your wife are clearly out of line.

Is there anything a conservative male can say about a female without it being attacked by feminists and liberals as sexist?

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