Saudia Arabia Folds, Tells Melania She Is Allowed to Dress How She Wants

Saudia Arabia Folds Tells Melania She Is Allowed to Dress How She Wants

When first lady Melania Trump got off the plane in Saudi Arabia last week, she had broken the mold in a major way: She appeared without the headscarf and full-body dress most Saudi women — including visitors — are supposed to wear.

According to the U.K. Express, the first lady decided to wear her typical sartorial gear. That’s unusual for female visitors, who are expected to wear a traditional full-length dress called the abaya and a headscarf.

The San Jose Mercury-Express reported that some women in Saudi Arabia also cover up their faces with veils, leaving just a small slit for the eyes.

While other female guests of state have forgone the traditional Saudi dress in recent years — U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May was the latest, back in April — few are known for being as fashionable as Melania Trump. Thus, there was an open question about whether she would be forced into dressing more conservatively.

However, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir told the media that the country “usually doesn’t demand” a certain dress code but makes “suggestions.”

“We welcome any style in clothing,” Al-Jubeir said.

Game, set, match Melania.

It’s worth pointing out that even the president wasn’t always convinced that this was the proper thing for a first lady to do. During the Obama administration, Trump disapproved of first lady Michelle Obama going without a headscarf during a 2015 visit to Saudi Arabia, saying that the Saudis “were insulted,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

However, you know, you grow. What Trump and his wife now realize is clear — that the only insult is Saudi Arabia’s oppressive treatment of women. Of all the things Michelle Obama may have done wrong, she got that one right — and Melania took it a step further with fashionable clothing, including high heels.

If only Saudi women were afforded the same luxury without the threat of stoning.

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