Saudi Billionaire Walks Back Tweet Calling Trump a “Disgrace”

Saudi Billionaire Walks Back Tweet Calling Trump a Disgrace

Major Saudi Arabian investor Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has had to eat major crow from his extremely aggressive Twitter attack on President Donald Trump — because he never expected Trump to actually win the presidency.

In December of 2015, the Saudi royal told Trump that he was a disgrace and that he needed to drop out of the presidential race.


That didn’t work out too terribly well for him long-term.

November of the following year, he was singing a different tune entirely.

“President elect @realDonaldTrump whatever the past differences, America has spoken, congratulations & best wishes for your presidency,” he wrote on November 9, oddly enough.

Now, that was a major embarrassment, and one I am sure Prince Alwaleed would have loved to put behind him, and never have anything to do with Trump again.

The president’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia put a moratorium on that.

There is no question that liberal America was not the only piece of the world who thought Trump’s chances of a win were low.

Not only did Trump win, and win big, but he also flew straight into the prince’s home turf for his first international trip in office.

Clearly, this is something the prince never thought he’d see. But he wasn’t the only one to underestimate Donald Trump.

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