Sarah Sanders Responds to Kate Steinle Verdict with Powerful Statement the Country Can’t Ignore

Sarah Sanders Responds to Kate Steinle Verdict with Powerful Statement the Country Cant Ignore

A jury’s verdict this week acquitting Jose Zarate of second-degree murder in the 2015 shooting death of Kate Steinle has sparked renewed focus on the case.

As The Western Journal reported, Zarate, a 54-year-old illegal immigrant, claimed he accidentally discharged the firearm that killed 32-year-old Steinle as she walked along a San Francisco pier with her father.

The verdict prompted debate over the nation’s immigration laws, and specifically San Francisco’s status as one of America’s leading so-called “sanctuary cities.”

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders seized on this narrative in a statement Friday.

She claimed the verdict “underscores the danger to public safety when our Nation fails to enforce its laws.”

Pointing out that Zarate was “an illegal immigrant and convicted felon who had been deported from the United States five times,” Sanders wrote that he and “countless other” illegal aliens should not have been in the U.S. in the first place.

The White House statement called on lawmakers to respond to this high-profile case by advancing legislation that would secure the nation’s borders.

“It’s more important now than ever for Congress to secure our borders and provide the resources, including more ICE officers, needed to deport criminal illegal aliens and to finally stop sanctuary city policies that cause needless loss of innocent life,” Sanders said.

Taking her argument further, she argued that politicians who “fail to address these needs share responsibility” for crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

Furthermore, she called out San Francisco specifically for establishing a system that allowed Zarate to live freely within the U.S.

“Had San Francisco enforced our Nation’s immigration laws, the Steinle family would be celebrating this holiday with all of their loved ones,” Sanders concluded.

President Donald Trump shared his personal reaction to the verdict in a series of tweets that began Thursday night.

Zarate was found guilty of possession of a firearm by a felon and is expected to be deported.

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