Sanctuary City Releases Felon

Sanctuary City Releases Felon

Liberal “sanctuary cities” are now completely ignoring federal law enforcement agencies — and the American people are caught in the middle of the power struggle.

A jail in New York City recently opened its doors and allowed an illegal alien with felony charges to walk free.

According to Breitbart News, a Jamaican national named Najee Antonio Clarke was arrested in May by New York police officers.

Clarke had been staying in the U.S. illegally for six years. Unsurprisingly, immigration officials at ICE put a detainer on the lawbreaker, and requested that New York police continue to hold the suspect until they could take over the case.

Incredibly, New York City officials simply ignored that request. Despite a felony charge, they released the wanted man back onto the streets.

It wasn’t until a month later that ICE agents finally caught up to the suspected criminal and arrested him a second time.

You read that right: A known lawbreaker and wanted felon was allowed to roam the streets of New York for an entire month, all because liberals didn’t want to cooperate with immigration laws.

“The city’s failure to honor detainers poses an increased risk to the officers and the community,” New York ICE Field Office Director Thomas Decker said in a statement.

“ICE shares New York law enforcement’s ultimate objective to protect public safety and we welcome significant modifications to the current NYC policy, which is needlessly granting criminals the opportunity to reoffend against the city’s residents.”

Those residents are exactly who New York City’s leaders should be worried about. Instead of protecting citizens, they seem more interested in giving the middle finger to the Trump administration.

During the last fiscal year, ICE arrested more than 65,000 illegal aliens who had overstayed visas or successfully crossed the border illegally. ICE reports that “the vast majority” of these aliens were convicted criminals. In other words, they had been released by local agencies, only to be re-arrested by ICE.

The duty of law enforcement officials at every level is to serve the American people, not repeat offenders who evade deportation and commit more crimes.

This type of insanity needs to stop. The job of any police force or agency is to enforce the law, not blatantly ignore it.

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