Sadie Robertson Asked Her Community To Pray For President Trump

Sadie Robertson Asked Her Community To Pray For President Trump

Actress Sadie Robertson asked her fans to pray with her together for President Trump. She uploaded a video on YouTube, named “Prayer for Our Country.” Her act is an amazing demonstration of support at a time when the president needs it the most.

In the video, she says, “I’m going to pray over our nation. I’m going to pray over our president… Let’s send Trump some love. It’s not about what he deserves. It’s not about that. It’s about what we believe and Mr. Trump, if you’re watching this, I am routing you on, and I wanted to let you know I believe the best in you.”

She continued, “I think you have a lot on your plate and I know that must be very, very, very hard but as an American citizen I’m cheering you on.”

Her fans replied to this video by showing support, one wrote, “I think it’s awesome that you pray for our President. Whether or not you agree with him we should all be praying for him and this country.”

Another said, “Yes! Let’s stand by our president! Let’s quit hating on him and stand by him and lift him up!”

It seems that people really appreciated her action. Some said that they do not like all his decisions, but they do love God and are with him.

Other said, “As an immigrant, sure, I don’t necessarily agree with some of the decisions Trump and his administration make. Please don’t start an argument with me or debate. I am, however, also a Christian. I love the Lord. And God says to pray for those that persecute you.”

Since the first time Trump announced he is running for president, Sadie Robertson and her family have been showing their support for him.

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