Ryan Lashes Out At Trump: We Weren’t Elected To Defend POTUS From Investigations

Ryan Lashes Out At Trump We Werent Elected To Defend POTUS From Investigations

House Speaker Paul Ryan made a statement on Monday that congressional Republicans do not hold the role of defending the President from the Russian meddling probe and rejected the notion that Robert Mueller is partial against Trump.

A day after Trump’s tweet “it’s very sad that Republicans…do very little to protect their president” Ryan rushed to comment. Kellyanne Conway, the President’s top aide has attacked Mueller describing him and his team as Democratic donor gang. Mueller has gathered some seven lawyers in his team, who have been speculated to donate a total of USD 60,787 to federal Dems. This practice was ridiculed by President Trump.

During an interview on local Wisconsin radio, Ryan was asked why Republicans are not trying harder to defend the President in Mueller’s probe, and those carried out by the committees of the Congress. The host of the radio show, Jay Weber made a comment on the Democratic donors, and Ryan slammed him saying Mueller was hired by Republicans, and that Mueller is Republican himself.

Ryan added that he does not believe Mueller is biased, and that rather he is everything but biased. While Trump has dubbed Mueller’s probe a “witch hunt”, Ryan said the counsel is attempting to depoliticize the situation.
He noted that Republicans do not spend time on defending Trump, because they were not elected to be defending him, but to rather focus on economy improvement and better health care.

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Source: conservativefighters.com