Rush Limbaugh Vows to Stop Watching Fox News for This Reason

Rush Limbaugh Vows to Stop Watching Fox News for This Reason

You might think that Rush Limbaugh and Fox News go together like pizza and breadsticks, but the radio icon has a serious problem with the “fair and balanced” network — and he let listeners know it.

On his show Tuesday, Limbaugh slammed the decidedly unconservative style of Fox News’ female hosts and pointed out that it had prompted him to turn off Fox News in his studios.

“I’m going to have to turn off these TVs in here,” Limbaugh said. “There’s another woman up here, I can tell you just had plastic surgery, it’s depressing and distracting.”

Limbaugh refused to mention who it was that was causing his consternation, however.

“It doesn’t matter who it is,” he said. “I’m not gonna tell you what’s wrong with it, it could just be an excessive amount of makeup but I don’t think so. It’s just a distraction. The whole thing is just a distraction.”

“On the Fox show it’s nothing but eight pairs of legs that you see. Why tune into a program when all you see if eight pairs of legs with the skirts halfway up the thigh?” Limbaugh added angrily. “What do they expect us to do here?”

Here’s Limbaugh’s rant:

While nobody here at Conservative Tribune is going to pass a third-wave feminism licensing test, Limbaugh makes a valid point. Objectifying and sexualizing women isn’t a particularly conservative thing, nor does it reflect well on Fox News — particularly given their recent history.

It’s also telling that, as part of James Murdoch’s attempt at turning Fox News to the left, this is one thing that hasn’t gone the way of the dodo. Sure, there have been purges of top conservatives at the network, but he’s not touching the network’s tendencies in that area.

There’s been plenty of talk about other conservatives — particularly Bill O’Reilly — starting a conservative network to compete with Fox News as Fox drifts leftward. From the sound of it, Rush Limbaugh wouldn’t necessarily be against such a move.

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