Roseanne Barr: This Is Why My New Show’s Character Is a Donald Trump Supporter

Roseanne Barr This Is Why My New Shows Character Is a Donald Trump Supporter

While promoting the revival of her namesake program on Monday, actress Roseanne Barr offered the reason that her character will be a President Donald Trump supporter.

When a reporter asked the iconic 90s star at the Television Critics Association’s winter media tour in Pasadena, California, about her character’s politics, Barr responded, “In ‘The Roseanne Show,’ I’ve always tried to have it be a true reflection of the society we live in,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I feel like half the people voted for Trump and half didn’t, so it’s just realistic,” she added.

Barr further explained that the Conners are a working-class family, so it would make sense some of them voted for Trump.

“It was working-class people who elected Trump,” said the actress, “so I felt like that was very real and something that needed to be discussed and especially about polarization in the family and people actually hating other people for the way they voted, which I feel is not American.”

Barr, who supported Trump over Hillary Clinton in 2016, wanted to also make it clear that she does not agree with everything he says or does.

When a member of the media asked Barr specifically about Trump’s “xenophobic” views, Barr shot back, “Well, that’s your opinion.”

“(H)e says a lot of crazy sh–. I’m not a Trump apologist,” she went on to state. “There are a lot of things he’s said and done that I don’t agree with, just like there are a lot of things Hillary Clinton has said and done that you don’t agree with. Nobody is brainwashed into agreeing with 100 percent of what anybody says.”

Questioned whether she would support an Oprah Winfrey presidential bid in 2020, Barr appeared less than enthused.

“I do love Oprah. Of course, I love Oprah like everybody else,” she then replied. “But you know what? I think it was time for us as a country to shake things up and, you know, try something different,” Barr said, referring to Trump.

Another reporter asked about getting behind actress Susan Sarandon for the nation’s highest office. “Actually, I think I’d be a better president than Oprah and Susan Sarandon, probably even President Trump. And I did run in 2012,” Barr responded.

As the 30-minute media availability with the “Roseanne” cast was drawing to a close, Barr proffered one final justification for her Trump support.

“The one great thing that I read today is that this is the lowest unemployment level for many, many years. So I think that’s great and I do support jobs for people and I think that’s a great way to fight racism is helping everybody get a job,” she said, adding, “I think it’s the time to close ranks, and I would really like to see an end to ‘hatriotism’ in this country.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Roesanne” will return to the air after a 20 year hiatus with a special hour-long premiere on Tuesday, March 27 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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