Rob Reiner Claims Trump is ‘Far Worse’ Than Weinstein

Rob Reiner Claims Trump is Far Worse Than Weinstein

During an interview with BuzzFeed, Rob Reiner offered ridiculous commentary on the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

According to “Meathead,” what Weinstein did is terrible, but make no mistake, Trump is way worse.

These idiots are completely delusional!

Director Rob Reiner slammed Harvey Weinstein at the Hamptons International Film Festival on Sunday, but assured his audience that President Donald Trump is far worse.

‘Harvey Weinstein did a bad thing. He did a really bad thing,’ said Reiner, during an interview with BuzzFeed film critic Alison Willmore.

‘There’s no defending that. It’s horrible,’ said Reiner, whose movie LBJ, which stars Woody Harrelson, screened over the weekend.

Reiner took the opportunity to join Hollywood stars who have denounced the media mogul since the bombshell allegations emerged last week.

An investigation by The New York Times claimed on Thursday that Weinstein repeatedly sexually harassed a number of female employees and movie stars over the course of his three-decade career as one of Hollywood’s most celebrated studio heads.

The shocking Times report alleged that Weinstein once asked Ashley Judd if she would like to watch him shower during a meeting in his room at the Peninsula Beverly Hills and paid $100,000 to Rose McGowan for an unknown incident shortly after she filmed her breakthrough role in the film ‘Scream.’

But despite those allegations, the When Harry Met Sally director noted that Weinstein, who was fired by The Weinstein Company on Sunday, isn’t as ‘bad’ as Trump.

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