Revolted NFL Fans Responded Ruthlessly to Their Teams Bending the Knee

Revolted NFL Fans Responded Ruthlessly to Their Teams Bending the Knee

If there is one NFL team followed by a faithful and dedicated fanbase, it is certainly the Packers. Well, that was until the team decided to completely humiliate themselves, kneeling against the national anthem.

And while their fans would erupt in disapproval if a single player transition occurred, the national flag and anthem disregard was a far more serious issue to keep in mind.

To be fair, many NFL teams faced the same destiny when it came to the so-far loyal fans. Shortly after the incident, President Trump addressed the incident, throwing rocks at those who were brave enough to stomp all over the American principle.

The Packer fans responded in all the fire and fury as well…while taking things too literally at the same time. One of the Packers’ most devoted fans responded to Martellus Bennett, Lance Kendricks and Kevin King’s decision to sit through the national anthem by taking radical measures. Take a look:

What’s even more striking is the fact that all these players didn’t have any problem to scorn the national anthem, but stood during the British anthem as a contrast. Therefore, a Ravens fan ‘honored’ Joe Flacco and Elvis Dumervil in an appropriate manner:

At the London game, America witnessed the same cruelty by the Jacksonville Jaguars, with their fans jumping to respond as well:

Aside from the aforementioned teams, the Steelers kept to the same practice as well. Interestingly enough, their fans woke up as well:

The NFL did not expect for things to escalate to this extent, yet here we are. It looks like the league’s ratings are going downhill from this point on, which is a scenario the players never saw coming. I guess they really trusted their fans to stick with them through thick and thin. Well, newsflash people- when you mess with true Americans, they’re bound to fire back.

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