Retired Maj. General Reveals How Fast We Could Take Out NK Targets if Necessary

Retired Maj General Reveals How Fast We Could Take Out NK Targets if Necessary

Retired Army Major Gen. Paul Vallely, a senior military analyst for Fox News, revealed in an interview this week that if North Korea were to launch an attack against its southern neighbor, U.S. forces in South Korea could respond in the blink of an eye.

“There’s a vigilant analysis each day in the (U.S.) command centers in South Korea that track anything that moves, so I would say 90 percent of the targets (in North Korea) are in the database,” he told TheBlaze radio host Chris Salcedo. And he used three words to outline the key to success.

“So if we get any indications from the intel agents in North Korea that they’re going to conduct a launch against South Korea, they may get a few leakers off initially, but certainly within an hour we would retaliate with overwhelming offensive capability against North Korea,” he added. “We hope that won’t happen, but we have the capability to do that.”

That’s good to know. Listen to the full interview below, or fast-forward to the relevant portion at the 3:35 mark:

Vallely’s point was the United States is perfectly prepared for anything North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un may have up his sleeve. However, the same cannot be said about the rogue regime.

A report from the U.K. Daily Express published three months ago showed pictures of North Korean soldiers wearing outdated uniforms and revealed that malnutrition runs so prevalent throughout the nation that many new recruits “flee the forces for this very reason.”

And even those recruits who do remain don’t seem to care too much for their leader.

“Members of North Korea’s Second Army Corps have been placed under arrest for mocking the North Korean dictator,” UPI revealed in April.

From outdated uniforms to starving recruits, soldiers who don’t even respect him and fake missiles, Kim is clearly in control of a pathetic military that would likely crumble to pieces were it to ever face a real battle — particularly against a modern enemy such as the United States.

Hopefully, North Korea won’t try anything stupid, but in case it does, we’re ready for it, as General Vallely made clear.

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