Restaurant Helps Military Son Surprise Dad at Dinner. But Left Floored When They See Total on Bill

Restaurant Helps Military Son Surprise Dad at Dinner But Left Floored When They See Total on Bill

There are precious stories about soldiers being reunited with family being shared every day. Though we may see dozens of stories on social media and in the news, that does not take away from the special moment for that family.

It also does not take away the community’s desire to help when they hear of a soldier coming home. Soldiers have surprised loved ones at schools, sporting events, airports, and even their own front porches, and anyone who can has tried to get involved to make the homecomings memorable.

In Orange Park, Florida, a popular restaurant had the opportunity to host a soldier’s homecoming. Texas Roadhouse went above and beyond to honor the man and his family.

Courtney Adams, wife of Lee Adams, was informed that her husband would be coming home from Germany to surprise his dad for his birthday. Though they do not accept reservations, Courtney called ahead at Texas Roadhouse to inform them that about 12 people would be dining at 6 p.m.

Courtney could not help but share her excitement about her husband’s return. Hearing this, Texas Roadhouse decided they wanted to be part of the homecoming and did much more than just reserve a table.

Lee’s dad was already seated at the table when Lee arrived. To keep the surprise a secret until the last minute, Texas Roadhouse employees turned down all the blinds in the restaurant, so Lee would be unseen until he approached his father.

The manager of the restaurant pulled out his phone and recorded Lee’s entrance. He captured the entire homecoming for the family to look back on for years.

As Lee approached his father, other family members told the man to turn around. Standing there in his uniform, was Lee. Taken by surprise, all his father could say was “hey dude!”

The men shared a loving embrace while their family looked on. Even patrons in the restaurant couldn’t help but turn their heads to watch their reunion.

Texas Roadhouse also provided a large cake for the party. The red, white, and blue cake read “stars and stripes forever” in icing.

The biggest surprise for the family came when the bill arrived. Expecting to pay for their meal like any other patron, Courtney was stunned to find her total was zero.

Texas Roadhouse covered the cost of the homecoming meal. Where the guests name is usually written on the check Texas Roadhouse had printed “welcome home.”

Being reunited with family is certainly special enough, but Texas Roadhouse made the day even more memorable by showing respect and gratitude for the sacrifice Lee Adams makes by being in the Army. Lee does not get to visit family often while protecting our country. Recognizing that, Texas Roadhouse wanted to take all other worries away so the family could focus on being together.

Courtney decided to share this touching story on Facebook and everyone who has read it applauded Texas Roadhouse for their contributions. The bill was supposed to be $86, but by simply covering that Texas Roadhouse has received much more in positive feedback from the public.

As for the Adams family, this is certainly a homecoming they will never forget. The Adams agree that it was the “best night ever.”

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