Republican Challenges FBI’s Investigation on Clinton: We Now Have ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence on Hillary

Republican Challenges FBIs Investigation on Clinton We Now Have Smoking Gun Evidence on Hillary

With the Hillary Clinton email case still shaking the nation, a group of U.S. congressmen remained resolute to expose the truth, asking for a new investigation in the case, noting every prior one vowed a “special treatment” of Hillary by the FBI.

The scandal first got America’s attention after, in 2016, after Hillary Clinton’s private email server got hacked, just in time to uncover her Secretary of state crimes. Even despite this, the FBI was more than willing to take Hillary under its wing, shielding her from any sorts of criminal charges against her.

Hillary, on the other hand, took this o[portunity to try and pin everything on James Comey and Trump, not taking an ounce of responsibility for her actions.

“We now have smoking gun evidence that Hillary Clinton got special treatment,” the Florida Republican, who is also a lawyer, told Ingraham.

“In six days, the FBI director, Christopher Wray, will be before the House Judiciary Committee, and we need answers because Hillary Clinton didn’t deserve special treatment.

“She should’ve been treated like every American,” he added, “and now we know she was not.”

Even more, he said how Lynch asked of James Comey to treat the case more as a ‘matter’ than an actual ‘investigation.’

In addition, he mentioned Comey had kept valuable intel from the FBI’s D.C. office, and continued ‘handling’ the case at the FBI national headquarters.

On his part, Comey issued a memo, pardoning Clinton before even talking to her, which is also a head-scratching concept.

In the letter sent to Wray, also signed by Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert and Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, the topic of “Russian dossier” emerged again. As a result, a total of six unanswered questions were laid out, as follows below:

Can you define the meaning of “special,” as it pertained to the Hillary Clinton email investigation?
Who approved of the “special” status of this investigation?
Who decided that the investigation would be handled “at HQ with a small team” rather than by the Washington Field Office?
What processes are in place at the FBI to ensure that “special” treatment is not given to other political figures?
Did the FBI, directly or indirectly, pay for the dossier or reimburse Christopher Steele or Fusion GPS for preparing the dossier?
Has the dossier been used to obtain FISA warrants to conduct surveillance on American citizens?

“When you look at the recent documents released about the tarmac meeting between (then-Attorney General) Loretta Lynch and (former President) Bill Clinton, the FBI was more worried about spin control and public relations and punishing the person who released this information than they were about the improper conduct of the attorney general of the United States,” he explained.

“And so, time and again, we see from the Obama era that they were determining the outcomes before actually conducting the investigation,” Gaetz said.