Reporter Interviews Bernie, Doesn’t Mention FBI Investigation

Reporter Interviews Bernie Doesnt Mention FBI Investigation

It’s no secret that the mainstream media is an ally of liberal politicians, but sometimes the collusion and double standards are so blatant that it’s unbelievable.

Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders just appeared on left-leaning NBC News, but the host completely ignored a key issue that had been making headlines: Bernie’s alleged bank fraud which is being investigated by the FBI.

As reported by The Daily Caller, “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd blatantly avoided the topic for seven minutes, and threw softball questions at Sanders.

“Todd asked Sanders about his rhetoric, about the Republican health care bill and about the struggling Democratic party, but he did not ask the socialist senator once about the investigation into himself and his wife,” revealed the Caller.

That investigation is becoming a serious issue — not that you’d know by watching Todd’s excuse of an interview. CBS News reported just days ago that Sanders and his wife are being investigated by the FBI for bank fraud that may have occurred at Burlington College, where Jane Sanders served as president.

Similarly, Politico reported that the FBI is investigating whether Sanders illegally used his political position to influence bank loan approvals connected to the college.

The far-left lawmaker and his wife are apparently taking the investigations seriously themselves. “Both Bernie and Jane Sanders have hired prominent defense attorneys related to the investigation,” reported the Caller.

It’s almost impossible to imagine such kid glove media treatment being used on any Republican figure who was under FBI investigation for fraud.

A prominent Republican such as Donald Trump would certainly be hounded mercilessly by journalists at the mere hint of an investigation — and in fact, the president has been subject to that exact treatment.

“Meet The Press” was at one time a hard-hitting news program which asked hard but fair questions.

Now, it seems to have been reduced to nothing but a defense ploy for liberals.

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