Reporter Frenzy Almost Destroys Lamp, Trump Bodyguard Jumps in

Reporter Frenzy Almost Destroys Lamp Trump Bodyguard Jumps in

The news media caused quite the stir this morning when they got a bit too close during President Donald Trump’s visit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Keith Schiller, Trump’s body guard stepped in just in time.

The incident occurred this morning, when Trump and  Moon posed for a press photo. Reporters moved to close in on the pair, and there was a noticeable frenzy.

In the clip, a woman could be heard telling the press, “no pushing,” at which point they nevertheless continued to push in closer.

At one point the reporters, who The Right Scoop confirmed included U.S. reporters and foreign press, pushed their boom microphones in too close to President Trump and caused a White House lamp to fall over.

Enter Keith Schiller, President Trump’s body guard, who caught the lamp just in time. That’s when everyone realized that this group of reporters needed to be taught some manners.

A woman then firmly told the press again, “Guys, don’t push.” They didn’t listen, so Trump decided to speak up.

“Easy fellas,” the president could be heard saying. “Hey, fellas easy,” Trump continued. The over-eager press could be seen pushing over each other to get a shot of the duo.

“Wow, You guys are getting worse,” Trump exclaimed.

Watch the clip of this crazy media circus in CSPAN’s tweet below:

Apparently fake news isn’t the only thing the news media needs to worry about — they could also spend some time on decorum as well.

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