Reporter Who Didn’t Get Invite to Christmas Party Drops New Scathing Claims Against White House

Reporter Who Didnt Get Invite to Christmas Party Drops New Scathing Claims Against White House

White House Correspondent April Ryan sparked controversy over Thanksgiving after questioning if Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’s chocolate pecan pie was real. But that was just the start of her gripes with the Trump administration.

In response, Sanders assured Ryan her pie wasn’t fake and even offered to bake one for her. Things didn’t die out there, though.

Ryan then claimed that she wasn’t invited to the White House Christmas party — an event she has gone to for two decades.

At first, Ryan said it was because White House officials don’t like her. On Friday, she took her accusations to a whole new level.

In a YouTube video, Ryan said:

“It’s my Aunt Pearl’s birthday. […] It is also World AIDS Day, we have to remember World AIDS Day. It’s also the day that the White House has chosen to have its Christmas party with the White House correspondents.

I’m so happy that they are doing that, that they are continuing the tradition to do that with my fellow colleagues. No, I wasn’t invited, and I am so good.

I had not planned to go anyway. The White House has placed a target on my head. They did that in August, when they did that campaign ad, saying — calling me, along with other people who were not White House correspondents, but people who were talk show hosts as the enemy.

So with that said, I will not break bread with someone who considers me the enemy and puts a target on my head.”

At this time, there hasn’t been a response from White House officials.

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You can watch Ryan’s comments in the video below.

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