Report: Trump Admin to Offer Grants to Police Departments Who Enforce Immigration Laws

Report Trump Admin to Offer Grants to Police Departments Who Enforce Immigration Laws

A federal grant program for local police forces will now offer incentives to police forces who work with federal immigration officials on enforcing immigration law, The Daily Caller reported.

The Community Policing Development Program, run by the Department of Justice, works to advance “community policing through training and technical assistance, the development of innovative community policing strategies, applied research, guidebooks, and best practices that are national in scope and responsive to the solicitation topics.”

It’s going to give out $11 million in grants, according to the DOJ’s website, and $900,000 will go to “one or more projects” that would “implement, advance, and document successful partnerships with Federal law enforcement to combat illegal immigration.”

“Federal law enforcement enforce our nation’s laws each and every day, including our immigration laws,” the guide states.

“State, county, and local law enforcement play a critical role in coordinating with federal law enforcement, particularly in ensuring that the illegal immigrants they encounter who are engaged in violent behavior are removed from the streets of this nation.

“The applicant will work with as many state, county, or local law enforcement agencies as possible that are successfully coordinating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) through task forces, section 287(g) partnerships, information sharing, and responding to detainer requests. The purpose of this work is to provide assistance in implementing or advancing innovative programs, and documenting the experiences and success stories so that other agencies can learn from these efforts and replicate as appropriate.”

A quick glance at the 2016 guide for the award reveals only one mention of illegal immigration: a cursory statement that sanctuary cities who “may be in violation” of federal immigration law “may be referred to the DOJ Office of Inspector General for investigation.”

Notice that nothing’s set in stone there. What a difference an administration makes.

With Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ attempt to take away federal funding from sanctuary cities may be stuck in court at the moment, this is an awesome way to reward municipalities that aren’t sanctuary cities. We can’t wait to see what department or department receives the grant, and what they’ll do with it.

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