Report: Model Chrissy Teigen Makes Ultra-Ridiculous Demand of Trump

Report Model Chrissy Teigen Makes Ultra-Ridiculous Demand of Trump

The female half of one of the entertainment industry’s most insufferable power couples is coming out swinging against Trump for the ten millionth time this year.

While boasting a net worth of $10 million, singer John Legend’s wife, model Christine Teigen, wants Donald Trump to write her a check for the stress he’s caused her… or something. After one of her daily tirades against the president, she revealed that she recently had some dental work and botox done – both of which she attributed to the Trump administration.

She’s also apparently on a number of medications, which is also the president’s fault. Language warning below:

Who can blame her though? If Hillary Clinton were president, there’s little doubt I’d be asking her to pay to compensate me for the drinking problem I’d inevitably develop after hearing her voice every day.

Meanwhile, it appears that could be next for Ms. Teigen, as she really is in for one heck of a surprise the next seven and a half years.

Will you be pitching in to help this poor suffering soul? To be honest, I think she can afford her own botox.

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