Report: Jason Chaffetz Reportedly Joining Fox News

Report Jason Chaffetz Reportedly Joining Fox News

With all of the talent exiting stage left at Fox News of late, it’s good to hear about some top conservative names possibly joining the fair and balanced network — especially when it’s one of our favorite legislators in the House.

According to Washingtonian magazine, Utah’s Jason Chaffetz has privately told House Republicans that he will be joining Fox News when his term ends in 2018.

At least four senior GOP aides and two Republican lawmakers have confirmed the decision. While his position at the network hasn’t been revealed yet, one source said it would be a “significant role,” which could start as early as July.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman, who had first been elected to the House in 2008, had announced in April that he wouldn’t be running for another term in office.

While The Hill notes that Chaffetz announced he had made the decision after “long consultation” with family members and “prayerful consideration,” rumors swirled about either a run for higher office or a burgeoning scandal.

The rumors became more intense after campaign site began redirecting to, although both websites have since been closed down.

Chaffetz also managed to shut down the scandal rumors in a, uh, unique soundbite when asked by Politico whether he had been involved with any wrongdoing.

“I’ve been given more enemas by more people over the last eight years than you can possibly imagine,” Chaffetz said. “From the Secret Service to the Democratic Party. I am who I am. If they had something really scandalous, it would’ve come out a long, long time ago.”


As much as Chaffetz’s choice of clinical metaphor hasn’t quite won the vote of my breakfast, we would have always been more than happy to check Chaffetz’s name on a ballot when it came to his politics. He has a 93 percent rating from the NRA and a 100 percent rating from FreedomWorks so far in 2017.

However, Chaffetz’s colleagues say his decision is a pretty natural fit for the Utah lawmaker.

“Let’s just say that when Jason told us he was headed to Fox, no one was surprised,” one aide said.

“He’s probably one of the most media-capable members in the House,” another aide said, “just based on total time spent on a television camera.”

“Fox was his first choice once he announced his plans,” a GOP lawmaker added, saying he thought Chaffetz was “gunning for it.”

So, it turns out 2018 probably won’t mean saying goodbye to Jason Chaffetz. It’ll just mean that Fox viewers will be welcoming him into their living rooms.

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