Report: Hillary to “Play Role” in 2018 Midterms

Report Hillary to Play Role in 2018 Midterms

The most oblivious woman on the planet, failed 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who for the record still refuses to admit why she lost last year’s election, reportedly desires to “help” fellow Democrats in next year’s midterm elections.

“Clinton has already launched a PAC aimed at helping congressional Democratic candidates in 2018, signaling the former first lady, senator and secretary of State is ready to help her party with fundraising,” The Hill reported.

She’s especially interested in lending a helping hand in those districts where she somehow managed to eke out a victory against then-GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“She’s very well aware of how she performed in those districts,” a longtime Clinton confidant remarked to The Hill. “She knows she won Darrell Issa’s district by 8. She knows she came close in about a handful of others. She has studied this stuff thoroughly.”

Has she also studied the polls at all? According to a Gallup poll published last month, her favorability among the American people remained at a stunningly low rate of only 41 percent. Moreover, this poor favorability rating bucked previous trends.

“Over the past quarter century, the favorable ratings of losing presidential candidates generally have increased after the election — some in the immediate aftermath and others in the months that followed,” Gallup explained.

Apparently, Clinton is special — just not in a good way.

It’s therefore no surprise that “Republican leaders claim to be excited by the prospect of Clinton taking a prominent role in campaigning, given her toxic reputation across America,” as noted by Breitbart.

Some might even argue that she’s been as bad for the Democrat Party as was former President Barack Obama, under whose presidency the party lost over 1,000 legislative seats.

But just like Obama, Clinton appears intent on sticking it to her peeps even more.

Cue the reaction from social media:

There’s an oft-cited adage that says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Though the origins of this saying remain unclear, it’s certain that it was said sometime in the past.

With that said, if one were to rewrite it for modern times, it would probably sound something like this: The definition of insanity is believing two-time failed presidential nominee and sore loser Hillary Clinton can help the Democrats win elections.

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