Report Claims Robots Will Take over 7.5 Million Jobs in Next 10 Years

Report Claims Robots Will Take over 75 Million Jobs in Next 10 Years

During the “Fight for $15” — the quixotical fight for a minimum wage hike of nigh on 100 percent in which low-skilled workers decided burger flipping as a profession deserved like, a lot more money — the leftists who backed it decided their opponents (I mean, aside from economics and common sense) were conservatives.

However, the real opponent may be robots. And unlike conservatives, they don’t have to listen to their drivel.

According to CNN, a new study by the Cornerstone Capital Group said that between 6 and 7.5 million jobs are at risk of getting the ax thanks to automation over the next ten years.

That’s 38 percent of retail employment in the United States. And what’s to blame? CNN being CNN, this nugget isn’t delivered until the 11th paragraph: “Rising wages are also helping to drive automation, as state and city governments hike their minimum wages.”

“Cashiers are considered one of the most easily automatable jobs in the economy,” the report read. CNN noted that 73 percent of cashier jobs are filled by women.

These “Fight for $15” folks really need to check their male privilege. But men will also face pressure from shelf-stocking robots.

“You’re not going to see a robot stocking shelves, at least in the near term,” Cornerstone head of research John Wilson said. “But technology would reduce the need for as many people to do so. More efficiency means fewer things for people to do.”

In other words, the “Fight for $15” has been nothing more than a fight for automation. So what’s next? Well, take liberal Finland, already a bellwether for whatever stupid liberal idea Democrats will adopt next. They’ve adopted a “basic universal income,” a happy term for “the government pays you a lump sum of other people’s money no matter what.”

“At first I thought it was a joke. I had to read it many times. I looked for any evidence it might be false,” said Mika Ruusunen, who’s taking part in an experiment that pays people simply for breathing.

The government selected “2,000 unemployed people between the ages of 25 and 58 will receive a guaranteed sum — a ‘basic income’ — of €560 a month for two years. It replaces their unemployment benefit, but they will continue to receive it whether or not they find work,” according to The U.K. Guardian.

You think this study will end the “Fight for $15?” Hardly. It’s just the beginning of a wider struggle: the “Fight for Your Money.”

In the meantime, though, their jobs are at stake — all thanks to the policies they’ve supported.

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