Red Alert: Active Shooter at Redstone Arsenal, Army Issues “Fight” Order

Red Alert Active Shooter at Redstone Arsenal Army Issues Fight Order

Reports emerged Tuesday morning of a possible “active shooter situation” at the Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville, Alabama. The situation had authorities issuing an order for everyone to “run, hide, fight” while the base was in lockdown, according to

An email was sent out to all base employees shortly after the incident began which read: This is a real world event, which is not part of the exercise. The facility is under lockdown and all gates are closed. More to follow.”

WHNT reported that there had been a planned active shooter drill scheduled for some time later this week.

“This is NOT AN EXERCISE,” the email repeated.

The Arsenal reportedly has over 40,000 employees spread out across the 30,000 acre base, the vast majority of whom are civilians. There are only about 1,500 uniformed service members working at the base.

Aside from the arsenal, the base is also the home of the Army Aviation and Missile Command, Army Material Command, the Marshall Space Flight Center and also facilities used by the ATF and FBI.

The possible active shooter situation may have taken place in or around the Sparkman Center on the base, as there were reports of gunfire in the area, but there has been no confirmation as of yet.

Likewise, hospitals in the area have reportedly increased their readiness in anticipation of dealing with potential casualties from a mass shooter, but have yet to receive any patients or even an official notification from the arsenal.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of reports of the base remaining on lockdown with the gates closed, though reports also indicate that some individuals are being evacuated from certain buildings and others are being permitted to leave the base.

The situation is obviously concerning due to the stockpile of weaponry kept at the arsenal, but it remained unclear at this time if the ongoing incident was some sort of terrorist attack, an effort to gain access to the stockpile of weapons or just another random deranged shooter intent on causing harm to others.

We will keep a close eye on the situation as it continues to unfold and keep our readers informed if anything of note develops further.

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