Racism Tears High School Sweethearts Apart. But When He Sees Her 43 Years Later, Refuses to Let Her Go

Racism Tears High School Sweethearts Apart But When He Sees Her 43 Years Later Refuses to Let Her Go

Howard Foster and Myra Clark were madly in love as high school students in the 1960s. They would often stay up until the wee hours of the morning talking on the phone.

As an interracial couple, the going was not easy. Howard is black while Myra is white, and living in Columbus, Ohio, made it difficult to be together.

Even with the prejudice they endured in high school, the tough couple made it through. They went off to different colleges, and because of their races, had significantly different experiences.

Howard says that the racism he experienced at college was incredibly blatant and cruel. He knew that his professors were treating him differently because of his skin color.

“I had never experienced that type of racism, that way,” said Howard. He knew that he needed to end things with Myra if he cared about her happiness.

He knew how difficult it would be for Myra to deal with the racism towards them because they were an interracial couple. “Her happiness was the most important thing,” said Howard.

Myra thought differently, but accepted Howard’s decision. The pair parted ways and went on to live their lives separately.

Years later, because racial tensions had significantly died down, Myra asked a mutual friend to put her in touch with Howard. She was ready to see her high school sweetheart again.

The pair met up in 2013 in a Columbus park. Even after years of absence, there was an instant connection. They spent hours catching up on what had happened in their lives.

Howard and Myra began dating, and they knew that this was meant to be. “I walked away once. I was not going to walk away again,” said Howard.

The sweet couple married in 2015, both in their 60s. “We enjoy each other; we really enjoy each other,” said Howard. A beautiful ending to a long romance.

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