Putin Shows Navy Chops in Holiday Celebrations

Putin Shows Navy Chops in Holiday Celebrations

Russia’s Navy Day celebrations took on an intimidating air this year as Vladimir Putin’s armada showed its chops in a frightening display some analysts are calling “unprecedented.”

Navy Day was this past Sunday, and according to CNN, “parades and demonstrations (were) held in all four corners of its vast territory, as well as at Russian bases abroad — including in Syria and in annexed Crimea.”

The day began in the far-east Russian city of Vladivostok and ended time zones away in European Russia and the Middle East. And, as you’ll see, the display of force was chillingly impressive.

In fact, military analyst Tyler Rogoway said the demonstration was on an “unprecedented scale” in an article at The Drive.

“Navy Day is not new to Russia, it usually takes place the last Sunday in July, but the scope of this Navy Day is,” Rogoway wrote. “The new prominence of the annual event supposedly revives the tradition started by Peter the Great in 1714. Above all else, it is a perfect prism for which the Kremlin can show off its modernizing naval forces and key alliances to the world.”

Russia’s Navy Day was held on the same day China celebrated the 90th anniversary of their People’s Liberation Army, and Rogoway noticed a chilling similarity between the celebrations.

“In both events, the country’s leaders were the stars of the show, with Putin overseeing festivities in St. Petersburg and a military fatigue wearing Xi Jinping presiding over the display of military might in Zhurihe,” he wrote.

Fifty ships were involved in the display and 5,000 sailors took part in the parade in St. Petersburg from the Baltic, Black Sea, Caspian and Northern Fleets.

“The navy and commitment to fatherland are inseparable,” Vladimir Putin told the assemblage of sailors during the St. Petersburg festivities.

“As Admiral Nakhimov used to say, a sailor has neither an easy nor difficult path, but rather a glorious one. And everyone currently serving, in our ground forces and submarines, in the marine air force, in the coastal defense, and those who work in the shipbuilding industry, all are faithful to these vows. Their high moral and professional qualities have been and will remain the foundation of successful service in the navy, and the state will offer its full support.

“Thank you for your readiness and your ability to solve the most complicated tasks, for your worthy service and your unwavering allegiance to our motherland and to our people,” he added.

Seeing two of America’s adversaries flaunting their military on an unprecedented scale is an unsettling sight, especially when relations with Russia are so strained.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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