Some Public Schools Are Implementing Psychiatry-Style Evaluations

Some Public Schools Are Implementing Psychiatry-Style Evaluations

Some public school teachers already seem more like political activists than classroom educators, but now they appear to be acting as would-be mental health professionals, too, by drawing up psychological profiles of their students using mental health exams.

“Educators and administrators increasingly are using psychological screening tools to identify children who are at risk for social and emotional issues, and to assess programs geared toward improving social and emotional skills,” Dr. Aida Cerundolo, an emergency physician from New Hampshire, revealed in an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal last month.

She pointed to one specific tool, the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment, which contains 72 questions that teachers fill out monthly for each student.

The questions reportedly range from “How often did the child carry himself with confidence?” to “Does he cope well with insults and mean comments?”

But is it really wise to allow teachers to, as APP Education director Emmett McGroarty wrote for The National Pulse, treat children as “patients in need of treatment to dislodge personality characteristics that don’t match the government’s preferred profile?”

Keep in mind that though we have a Republican in the White House, things could flip one day, and we could wind up with another “social justice” activist turned commander in chief like former President Barack Hussein Obama.

What then? Would children be diagnosed as “troubled” by teachers just because they believe boys are boys and girls are girls?

Plus, according to Cerundolo, the notion of teachers creating psychological profiles of their students also carries with it many privacy concerns.

She noted that in the medical profession, the guardians of minors must provide their consent before doctors and nurses can screen them, let alone share the data they collect with anyone else. The problem is that these rules don’t apply to most schools.

“Health information collected by schools receiving federal money that do not offer health-care services is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act,” she pointed out, adding that FERPA is far more lenient than the regulations followed by medical professionals.

For instance, FERPA allows schools to disclose student records without any consent for ambiguous reasons such as for “legitimate educational interest” or “for audit or evaluation purposes.”

Look, the bottom line is this: Government has no business acting like our children’s psychologists. Not only do these screenings create privacy conflicts, but they also open the door for full-fledged “Big Brother“-grade indoctrination.

That should frighten any parent, no matter what their politics are.

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