Protesters Gather to Demand Impeachment of Maxine Waters

Protesters Gather to Demand Impeachment of Maxine Waters

For the past few days, the calls from the left for President Donald Trump’s impeachment have been growing louder. With each fresh news story that breaks, more and more Democrats call for Trump to be impeached.

Democrat California Rep. Maxine Waters has been calling for Trump’s impeachment since day one, but now it appears that the tables have been turned on her. A group of protesters stood outside Waters’ home this week demanding her impeachment, KABC reported.

Led by Omar Navarro, Waters’ Republican opponent in 2016, a group of a several protesters called for Waters to be impeached because she is spending too much time criticizing Trump, and not enough time doing her job.

“‘Hashtag Impeach Maxine.’ See Maxine is talking about impeaching President Donald Trump and yet she doesn’t ask herself, what about her? What about her not doing her job for 35 years?” Navarro asked, according to KABC.

Waters, whose district represents part of Los Angeles and nearby areas, has gained a national liberal following for her incredibly stupid rants where she demands that Trump be impeached.

“She thinks by putting down our president, we’re going to like her more. Every time she talks, she makes me want to throw up,” Navarro stated, accurately summing up what most of America thinks of Waters.

The America Mirror noted that over the weekend, conservative street artist Sabo put up several pieces of artwork in Inglewood, where Waters was set to hold a town hall, criticizing Waters and calling for people to abandon her.

The Hill reported that after The Washington Post broke the story about Trump allegedly sharing classified information with the Russians, Waters claimed she had been calling for Trump’s impeachment all along, even though she has previously denied ever calling for Trump’s impeachment.

It most certainly is time for Waters to step down and shut up. She has nothing important to say, and all she does is spout haft-baked truths and utter nonsense, which her liberal fans just adore.

America can do a lot better than Waters.

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