Professor Thinks “Tradition” of Killing Whites Is Still Relevant

Professor Thinks Tradition of Killing Whites Is Still Relevant

Texas A&M university is under fire for refusing to distance itself from statements one of its own professors has made saying “some white may have to die” for true racial equality.

During a podcast five years ago, Texas A&M University associate professor of philosophy Tommy Curry appeared to assert that for his vision of so-called equality to be achieved in America, blacks must partake in the “tradition” of killing whites.

According to Rod Dreher of The American Conservative, who initially uncovered the podcast this week, Curry’s argument centered on his belief that for white people to truly acknowledge the existence of racism, they must become familiar with the risks of death that allegedly come with being a minority.

“White people don’t want to question their physical life and certainly not their own racial existence, because that means they would have to accept that death could come for them at any moment, the same way non-white people have to accept that,” the Texas A&M professor said. “And they don’t want to question their existence, they’re not willing to give up their existence.”

So how exactly does one go about making white people question and perhaps give up their alleged racial superiority and existence?

By killing them, or so it seemed Curry argued.

“When we have this conversation about violence, or killing white people, it has to be looked at in the context of historical turn,” he said. “And the fact that we’ve had no one address, like how relevant and how solidified this kind of tradition is, for black people saying ‘look, in order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people may have to die.’”

You may listen to the relevant portion of the podcast below:

Ever since Curry’s statements went viral, calls have been pouring into Texas A&M from irate Americans demanding that the professor be terminated.

According to the Washington Examiner, however, university president Michael K. Young has released a statement condemning the professor’s remarks but defending Curry’s right to have made them.

“The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of others to offer their personal views, no matter how reprehensible those views may be,” he reportedly wrote.

But as writer Ron Meyer pointed out in the Examiner, the First Amendment keeps Congress from restricting the rights of Americans to free speech. It says nothing about an employer’s freedom to fire an employee who makes outright offensive statements in public.

Moreover, some have even come to Curry’s defense, with Colleen Flaherty of Insider High Ed arguing that his statements were “part of a larger point about how, in his view, questions about violence against whites need to be addressed through a historical lens and how blacks need to reclaim conversations about the Second Amendment to highlight their own concerns about protection from race-based violence.”

Well, no one has a monopoly on race-based violence, and it doesn’t really address what Curry said anyway — which is that “some white people may have to die.”

Now, just imagine a white professor saying “some black people may have to die,” and then get back to me about the alleged need for us to recognize the “point” behind this professor’s racist rant.

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