Princess Charlotte 2-Year-Old Bridesmaid for Aunt. Pics Reveal Tiny Dress, Adorable Is Understatement

Princess Charlotte 2-Year-Old Bridesmaid for Aunt Pics Reveal Tiny Dress Adorable Is Understatement

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews looked flawless when they walked down the aisle on May 20, but some might argue that someone else stole the show. During the wedding, which was attended by close friends and family, everyone was enamored with Princess Charlotte, 2, and her brother, Prince George, 3.

The two royal siblings were all dressed up to be page boy and bridesmaid for their Aunt Pippa. After the wedding, pictures revealed tiny, adorable outfits made by Pepa & Co.

Charlotte wore a hand-embroidered, ivory silk dress made especially for the occasion and was adorned with a matching floral headband. Her brother was in a matching ivory pleated shirt, pale olive knickerbockers and even a tiny cummerbund.

“It was truly an honor to be part of this project and I was excited to take on the commission for all bridesmaid and page boy outfits,” designer Pepa Gonzalez told People. “We have such fond memories of designing these bespoke garments for the children who all look so adorable and cute in their outfits.”

Meanwhile their parents, Prince William and Princess Kate, watched proudly as they followed the wedding procession at St. Mark’s Church in Englefield, England. Before the ceremony, Princess Kate admitted to being worried about how the children would behave.

She said she was “hopeful that they would be good but you never know at that age,” a guest told Telegraph UK. Luckily, her worries were pretty quickly eased.

All of the children at the event were extremely well-behaved. Perhaps they had gotten a bit of training from their parents who were both in similar roles as children.

“It was amazing,” a guest said. “[Pippa and James] were so cute. I cried. My makeup was running.”

After the ceremony, Prince George seemed to get a bit of a scolding from his mom. The little boy was embarrassed and pouted but later cheered up.

A video taken at the event showed George walk up to Pippa and start to play with her dress right as she was about to exit the church with her new husband. Kate quickly took her son aside and said a few words.

Despite a bit of rain, the whole ceremony went as gracefully as expected. We won’t deny that it was made a few times better with the addition of adorable Charlotte and George.

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