President Trump Explains China’s Reaction to His Executive Order Regarding North Korea [VIDEO]

President Trump Explains Chinas Reaction to His Executive Order Regarding North Korea VIDEO

When it comes to the North Korean issue, President Trump made it his mission to push every country to help out, but no country felt the pressure quite like China did.

On Thursday, Trump presented the newest executive order that is supposed to handle the North Korea aggression issue, while also saying that China instructed its banks to do business with Kim Jong Un’s republic.

As far as the move is concerned, Trump praised China for doing it, noting this could be a step forward towards fixing the issue. Furthermore, Trump’s executive order allows to “sanction individual companies and institutions that finance trade with North Korea,” according to reports.

Among other things the order provides, it is also planning to cease all nuclear arsenal North Korea has provided by shutting down its most cherished trade agreements.

“North Korea has been allowed to abuse the international financial system to facilitate funding for its nuclear weapons and missile programs,” Trump said. “Tolerance for this disgraceful practice must end now.”

When it comes to China, by pulling such a drastic move, the country followed up on the United Nation’s suggestions on how to end North Korea’s violent regime once and for all. President Trump expressed earlier concerns about China not being able to go through with this.

China’s banks will now stop doing business with North Korean customers and shall cease all ongoing loans and other legal matters. This is a clear message to Pyongyang, delivered by the UN, as promised.

The United Nations urged every leader to carry out their instructions, hopefully shutting North Korea down to the point of reconsideration as far as the nuclear tests are concerned.

President Trump also took the stage at the U.N. Assembly, promising to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea if it is prudent for him to do so.

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Check out Trump’s executive order announcement below: