President Donald Trump Just Showed His Support For The NFL Boycott

President Donald Trump Just Showed His Support For The NFL Boycott

American patriots are eager to boycott the disrespectful players who protest the anthem. And now they got a pleasant surprise form President Trump who showed his support. Trump re-tweeted one user’s message about working together to boycott NFL.

“You can boycott our anthem WE CAN BOYCOTT YOU!” said the tweet. It seems President Trump wanted to support the people to take down the unpatriotic demonstration of disrespect to our flag and anthem.

“Courageous Patriots have fought and died for our great American Flag — we MUST honor and respect it! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Trump said.

He also retweeted a message from Donna Warren, an advocate for the NFL boycott, showing respect for veterans.

“I wonder what this BRAVE American would give to stand on his OWN two legs just ONCE MORE for our #Anthem?” Warren’s tweet reads along with a photo of a veteran without legs.

The liberal media has been attacking President Trump since he said any “son of a bitch” who protests the anthem should be escorted off the field and fired on the spot.

But the reality is, what kind of person refuses to stand up when brave American heroes can’t stand up for themselves because of the injuries they got fighting for our safety. President Trump was right that is clearly a “son of a bitch.”

As President Trump said it is alright to stand together as one for America and the things you believe, but it is not alright to disrespect your own country, the flag and the anthem in doing so.

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