Popular Drink Nearly Kills Dad During Birth of Son, Leaves Hole in His Skull

Popular Drink Nearly Kills Dad During Birth of Son Leaves Hole in His Skull

Expectant mother Brianna will never forget the four words that brought her world crashing down. “Austin had an accident,” her mother-in-law said.

Emotions were high as Brianna drove two hours to the hospital, not knowing what was wrong with her husband. The couple’s baby was due in a matter of weeks, and the excited parents had been joyously anticipating becoming a family of three.

Now, Austin’s soul was hanging precariously between life and death. His brain had hemorrhaged, and at first, doctors were uncertain of the reason why.

After a series of tests ruled out drug use, doctors were able to offer Austin’s grieving family an explanation as to why the young man’s brain had started to bleed. “This horrible event was due to his recent excessive energy drink consumption,” Brianna wrote in her full story, posted on Facebook, along with a photo series taken by Endres Photography.

Brianna explained that in order to combat extended work hours and daily commute, her husband had picked up the energy drink habit. Now, Austin faced an uncertain future, fraught with brain surgeries, strokes, and seizures.

“But while everyone was focused on the almost unrecognizable face hooked up to all sorts of machines and tubes, all I could see was his parents,” Brianna wrote. Her heart shattered as she watched the raw, painful grief on her in-law’s faces.

“I saw the light leave his mother’s eyes as she saw her motionless son laying in that hospital bed,” she wrote. “I saw his father break down crying as he held onto his wife.”

Two weeks went by, and Austin had not yet woken up. Her due date arrived, and Brianna had to give birth without her husband by her side.

Brianna wept bittersweet tears as she looked at the face of her newborn, who resembled his father. “But a beautiful miracle happened as I delivered our son — Austin woke up,” Brianna recalled.

Eight months later, Brianna finds herself taking care of both her husband and their baby boy. She admits that her husband is a completely different man than the one she married — but still, she falls more and more in love with him each day.

“Love is knowing you would sacrifice things that you didn’t even know you could sacrifice,” Brianna bravely shared. “Love is selfless.”

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