The Pope Speaks out on Charlie Gard

The Pope Speaks out on Charlie Gard

The infant Charlie Gard’s struggle may have come to a sad end with the boy’s death on Friday, but one of the world’s foremost spiritual leaders is still asking the world to support the child’s family.

It was a case than drew the attention of the world, and it is likely to reverberate for some time to come.

In a Twitter posting published after the boy’s death was announced, Pope Francis wrote that he had the boy and his parents in his prayers.

“I entrust little Charlie to the Father and pray for his parents all who loved him,” the pontiff wrote. Implicitly, he called on all believers in the world to follow his example.

Charlie had faced a serious genetic disorder since birth. While his parents, father Chris Gard and mother Connie Yates, have spent the last several months seeking specialized medical care for their son, the U.K. government essentially blocked those efforts to save Charlie’s life.

Earlier this week, Chris Gard made a heartbreaking statement outside a London courthouse.

“Mr. Gard said that too much time had passed in court hearings as the couple struggled to obtain permission to send their child to the United States for experimental treatment,” reported Breitbart. “Chris Gard said it was time to let Charlie go and ‘be with the angels.’”

On Friday, Charlie passed away after he was taken off of life support.

The pope has taken a special interest in the case, and tried to use his international influence to help the Gard family.

“The Holy Father follows with affection and commotion the situation of Charlie Gard, and expresses his own closeness to his parents,” a Vatican statement said. “He prays for them, wishing that their desire to accompany and care for their own child to the end will be respected.”

In addition to words and prayers, the Catholic leader had also offered an official Vatican passport so that Charlie could be treated at the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome.

However, British legal authorities prevented the boy from being treated either in Rome or at hospitals in the United States.

That court decision was based on the opinion of U.K. doctors who did not believe that Charlie had much of a chance of survival, and deemed experimental treatments too costly and somehow against the interest of the child.

Charlie Gard’s short life may now be over, but the questions it raised are far from settled. His case is a poignant example of government overreach, especially in health care. In this situation, the British court believed that they had more say in the child’s life than his own parents.

The hospital and court system may have played God, but the pope’s message is an important reminder that higher moral authorities do not always agree with the government narrative.

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