Police Department Goes Viral With “Do’s and Don’ts” List

Police Department Goes Viral With Dos and Donts List

A police department in Maine recently posted a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” to Facebook that’s gone viral, serving as a stark reminder that behind every officer’s badge and uniform is a living, breathing human being.

The list basically specified annoying behaviors that the cops with the Bangor Police Department frequently encounter while out in public, such as while standing in line at a fast food restaurant.

“Don’t feel you need to tell us that you did not speed today,” the department wrote. “You don’t need to tell us the last time you got pulled over, or even if you never had a summons. We appreciate the way most folks drive.”

“We are not thinking that you are a bad person when we show up in the fast food line with you,” this particular “Don’t” continued. “We think you are hungry. It’s all good. We’re hungry too.”

Cops get hungry and eat food? Who knew!?

But even more irritating than pointless remarks like these are when parents try to use police officers to scare their children. That’s a big no-no.

“Do not tell your children that we are going to arrest them if they don’t behave,” the department wrote. “Don’t. Do. That. We are not going to arrest them if they are not behaving. We are not going to scare them for you. We just don’t do that.”

“Kids have enough to worry about without thinking that each time they see a police officer they are going to be arrested. We don’t arrest kids. You are going to need to work on your parenting skills if this is one of your strategies. Stop it.”


Other “Don’ts” include bothering cops with lame jokes about how “I didn’t do it” and with even lamer jokes about how your friend “did it.”

Look below to read the full list:

According to CNN, the list was written by the page’s part-time administrator, Lt. Tim Cotton, and isn’t at all unusual for the department, which has a history of posting very blunt and to-the-point messages to its Facebook page.

For instance, after a 12-year-old kid stole a bus two years ago, the department posted a hilarious recap to Facebook that included video from the couple that saw the kid swerving all over the road and reported him to the authorities.

“Now, he would not win one of those school bus rodeos nor would he get cookies and cakes from adoring parents at the end of the year for how he conducted himself with all that precious cargo in the back,” the department wrote.

“But, as a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy, I say he did not do that badly. Sure, they might have to replace a mirror or get those sidewalls checked, but not half bad for the first time driving a bus. If…this is his first time driving a bus.”

That’s so funny. Check it out here:

Dovetailing back to the list of “Do’s and Don’ts,” there was just one very pertinent “Do”: Do treat cops like normal human beings. Say hello. Ask them about their day. Maybe even ask them for some help with something.

“We enjoy talking to all kinds of folks,” the post concluded. “Please don’t assume we assume that you are bad person, a criminal, a fugitive from justice, or that you are a bad driver. We are just like you. True story.”

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