Police Commissioner Silences Audience With Brutal BLM Slam During Slain Cops Funeral

Police Commissioner Silences Audience With Brutal BLM Slam During Slain Cops Funeral

Serving in the administration of the disgraceful Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City Police Commissioner James O’Neil is going to be viewed with some suspicion by the rank and file in his own department.

But in his public comments Tuesday during the funeral of an NYPD police officer assassinated in her patrol car last week, O’Neil took a jab at the Black Lives Matter movement and its supporters in the media and political worlds that every man and woman in his department had to agree with.

The celebrities and politicians who grab the microphone or preen in front of the nearest camera when a police officer kills a thug in the line of duty have been strangely absent following the murder of Officer Milosotis Familia, a mother of three who was shot to death by a cop-hating mad man early July 5.

“Let me tell you something,” O’Neil said. “Regular people sign up to be cops. They sign up for this job of protecting strangers, knowing there are inherent risks. But not one of us ever agreed to be murdered in an act of indefensible hate. Not one of us signed up to never return to our family or loved ones.

“So, where are the demonstrations for this single mom, who cared for her elderly mother and her own three children?”

Unfortunately, it’s a question everyone listening to O’Neil already knows the answer to.

The Black Lives Matter movement took the American media and political world by storm in the aftermath of the Michael Brown police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, two years ago based on the lie that American police officers are deliberately targeting blacks – particularly young black men.

Celebrities joined in the cause, professional “journalists” willingly abandoned their responsibilities to cheerlead for the movement, Democrat politicians turned their party into a weapon aimed squarely at American police officers.

Now, another cop is dead at the hands of a Black Lives Matter lunatic, like the five who were shot to death in Dallas last summer, and the two who were assassinated in their patrol car in December 2014, and too many others throughout the country since the Black Lives Matter farce started.

The anti-cop opportunists try to argue that officers know the risks when they sign up for the job, but O’Neil’s statement slammed that argument down.

They didn’t sign up to die. They signed up to live – and use their lives to help others, and protect the most vulnerable among us. All O’Neil asked for was a little help in return.

“I’m asking the public to make a commitment to support your police,” he said. “Commit to watching the backs of those you call when you’re scared, those you call when you’re in trouble.”

That’s a message the Black Lives Matter lovers need to hear. When they need help, it won’t be a mob of thugs they’re calling to rescue them.

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