Police Chief Vows to Call out People Who Lie About Encounters With His Officers

Police Chief Vows to Call out People Who Lie About Encounters With His Officers

In the wake of several high-profile police shootings of African-Americans that have sparked waves of violent protests all over America over the past few years, a number of people have taken to social media to claim that they too were the victims of police brutality.

Responding to those who are simply looking to capitalize on the anti-police environment in America and get their 15 minutes of fame, Police Chief Bill Partridge of Oxford, Alabama, issued an epic promise to those who lie just to smear the name of his officers.

“Effective this date it will be my policy that if you disrespect one of our officers and then file a false complaint or make false claims on social media, I will post the video footage of the contact on social media for the public to see,” he wrote in a Facebook post on his page.

“I am tired of false complaints being brought to the department in an attempt to get out of a traffic charge or criminal charge,” he added.

A comment on Facebook suggested the police department charge these individuals with filing a false report, to which Partridge responded, “we do.”

The Facebook post was accompanied by a video of one of his officers, Officer J. Caldwell, dealing with a man named BV Vincent. Vincent had claimed on social media that he was “almost shot” by the officer and that he “beat my door down,” over a dog.

In the video it is clear Vincent was lying, as he was the one who acted belligerently while Officer Caldwell calmly dealt with him.

At no point did the officer break down a door or “almost” shoot Vincent.

Posting a video of a police encounter is an ideal way to counter false claims about police on social media.

However, not all departments have officers wearing body cameras, so sometimes it is impossible to disprove these claims.

Body cameras are becoming more widespread, however, so maybe in a few years people will stop making these false accusations, as police will be able to show the public actual footage of the incident and silence these anti-police liars once and for all.

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Source: conservativetribune.com